At Pahl & Associates, we attach great significance to testimonials received from our past clients as it helps potential clients to gauge our level of service and professionalism. We positively encourage you to review the testimonials which also highlights our extensive year’s of experience in Canadian immigration law whilst being authorised by ICCRC.



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When my wife and I decided to start the process to move to Canada we didn’t know where to start. There are plenty of forums but with 3 kids the application process was daunting. Balvinder was referred via a friend and from our first meeting we’ve not regretted the decision to use him to guide us through the process.

The whole application process took over a year due to some special requirements with our case but Balvinder handled it all the way. Every step was fully explained and our application was put together and managed professionally. We had no queries or come backs at all from IRCC.

We were able to prepare and make the move to Canada with full knowledge that the PR was in hand. We hear a lot about applications being refused or challenged because of mistakes made. You’ll avoid that entirely and have a good solid application by using Balvinder.

Gurvinder S.  Nov 2018 – Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry

I knew from the moment I visited Canada three years ago that it was the place I wanted to make my forever home. However, I didn’t think I could ever make it happen, that was until I spoke to Balvinder.

I had an initial consultation with him where he explained the whole process to me and was very upfront about what I needed to do and the costs associated with that. I instantly felt at ease, from start to finish he helped me every step of the way to successfully obtain permanent residency. Once I had been granted the visa he then continued to help with recommendations and advice on all aspects of the move and settling into my new life in Canada, in my opinion above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you so much for your help Balvinder, I certainly couldn’t have done it without you!

Cat Randall July 2018 – Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry

After deciding to move to Canada we started our research into visa lawyers, we spoke with may people and didn’t really feel confident about any of them until we spoke with Balvinder. He was very friendly, very knowledgable and answered every question we had so we decided to use Balvinder’s services. 

From start to finish he helped us every step of the way, Balvinder made the whole process stress free, he was always available to answer our questions and concerns. We were able to plan our life in Canada knowing that the visa part of the move was 100% taken care of by Balvinder. 

Our whole visa process only took 5 months and we are now very much looking forward to our big move. 

Once our visa was accepted Balvinder in my opinion went above and beyond in giving us advice on many other helpful things to get our lives started once we arrived in Canada from medical insurance to car insurance and much more. 

If you are undecided whether to fork out extra money to pay for visa advice and services, I can tell you it is by far the best money I have ever spent.

I was on Wasapp groups with people worrying everyday and having paper work sent back to them because they had gone at it alone, it was causing them lots and lots of stress, but because of the guidance from Balvinder my wife and I could really just sit back and relax knowing our visa application was in the right hands. 

Thank you so much Balvinder in helping my wife and I continue our adventures in Canada. 

Ben Jones – Family Sponsorship April 2018

My wife and I found Pahl and Associates through much thorough research; dealing with something as important as immigration, we wanted to make sure we would be receiving expert assistance from an experienced professional who could make the process as smooth and fast as possible. We were not disappointed, Mr Pahl was fantastic, he was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, friendly and reassuring. He made the whole application so easy and stress free, taking us through the process step by step. My wife’s sponsorship came through faster than estimated and in total the whole process from start to finish took just under 6 months! He even helped us with advice on how to exchange UK driving license and how to apply for health insurance whilst waiting for OHIP to go through. We definitely and confidently recommend Pahl and Associates to anyone who is planning on moving to Canada, he is an expert in his field and thanks to him, we are able to start a new chapter of our lives together in Canada! Thank you so much!

Michael P – Family Sponsorship – March 2018

We sought Balvinder’s help regarding our permanent residency application as part of the federal skilled worker immigration stream. His knowledge and experience of the entire express entry process was invaluable to us. We highly recommend him as immigration lawyer and consultant.

Marina & Juergen – Express Entry- Skilled Worker Feb 2018

We found Pahl & Associates after a search online for visas to Canada and had a free 15 minute
consultation.  Mr Pahl was very knowledgeable of the visa application we required and gave us a break down of
the potential process and timelines.
Pahl and associates is located just a short walk from the tube station. Which is great if you don’t
want to drive on the M25! Working with Pahl & Associates, we found communication to be very open and appreciated the
prompt responses to any contact method.  With a smooth transition to Canada, and realistic timelines, gave us the ability to plan and settle well
in our new home. We would highly recommend Pahl & Associates. Thanks to Mr. Pahl, it was stress free, easy and approved in 6 months!
Thank you so much!

Alana & Jess -Family Class Sponsorship Feb 2018

“Balvinder was incredibly knowledgeable of the entire process to obtain my visa to Canada. From the start he made the process clear, straight-forward and stress-free, and guided me through step by step. I was always well-informed of the progress and he ensured we were on the front foot of my application to avoid any delays. I cannot recommend him enough to guide you through, and ensure a seamless process”

Abbi Grace- Express Entry- Federal Skilled Worker- Jan 2018

“We would like to give you our sincerest thanks for working with us over the years toward finally receiving our Canadian Visa. Despite the many changes in our circumstances and the revisions of the system, you stuck with us and provided invaluable advice throughout. Thank you for all your help in realising our ambition to relocate, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Chris Jones – Express Entry- Federal Skilled Worker – Oct 2017

I, Sumeya Aleman , was recommended the services of Pahl & Associates by a close friend who was very happy with the outcome. Since the beginning of our professional rapport I was given an individualised and personalised service. Balvinder was always incredibly helpful and very informative about every step that I had to take to get the landing papers to be able to move to Canada . He was always available whenever I had any doubts about documentation and requirements . Thanks to Pahl & Associates I was able to get my permanent residency visa without any concerns and as effectively as possible. It made it so much easier for me to understand the whole process and I was  explained every step of the way very clearly . Payments and quotes were straight forward and Balvinder is an expert in his area. I would recommend to anyone wanting to emigrate to Canada to use the services of Pahl and Associates.

Sumeya Aleman – Express Entry- Federal Skilled Worker Oct 2017

My journey to the visa approval was a long one but it would not have been
possible without Mr. Pahl. He was very supportive and helpful throughout the process. He is not only a very knowledgeable within his field but also a very kind hearted person. His attention to detail is amazing and he made every small bits very properly covered while making the application. Thank you so very much Mr. Pahl.

Sujay Kapre – Express Entry- Federal Skilled Worker Oct 2017

Mr. Pahl displayed great partnership to support my wife and I in the Canadian Immigration process. He is very knowledgeable in his field of work which made him a pleasure to work with.

He exhibited excellent attention to detail and was very responsive whenever we had any questions. A great experience on the whole! Thank you Mr. Pahl!

Rizwan F. – Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker – Sept 2017

Mr. Balvinder Pahl helped me through the entire process of sponsoring my husband.  Right from the very first meeting with him my husband and I felt at ease and confident that we were in the right hands.  His impeccable professionalism and guidance was first class, and he helped us every step of the way.  His knowledge of the sponsorship process made us feel confident, and his patience and courteous communication was fantastic.  We are very excited about our move to Canada and would definitely recommend Mr. Phal to anyone who is considering the move too.

Jane Birchall – Family Class-Spouse Sponsorship – Aug 2017

When we decided to make the move to Canada, life was incredibly hectic with young children and work, so we kept putting off sending our application in. We didn’t have the time to do it properly and we were overwhelmed by what seemed to be a mountain of paperwork. Eventually, we decided to use Mr. Pahl to help us navigate the daunting task of filling in the application to sponsor a spouse, as well as the application for permanent residence. We couldn’t be happier that we decided to do this. He made it incredibly easy and straight forward and did all of the hard work for us. We didn’t have to worry about filling in a form incorrectly or not providing the appropriate evidence. He was incredibly flexible, as he completed all of our work remotely, so we didn’t have to spend a fortune traveling to London in order to complete our documents. All was approved and we are now enjoying family life in Canada. Mr. Pahl was worth every penny, as we saved time and an immense amount of stress. Thank you!

Erin  L  – Family Class Sponsorship – July 2017

‘Mr Pahl proved to be a complete asset to securing the successful outcome of my spouse sponsorship immigration process. He made a daunting task manageable with fantastic communication, guidance, support and leadership. Having him take this process on board for us as our representative was a decision I not once regretted due to his fantastic skills and direction, he was with us every step of the way and was available always for any worries or questions. I recommend his services to the highest degree to anyone considering him as your representative for the process. Thank you very much Mr Pahl.’

Gordon and Laura- Family Class –  Spouse Sponsorship – July 2017.

“We are so grateful to Balvinder and his team for getting my permanent residency so that we could start our married life together in Newfoundland, Canada. This was one of the smartest choices we have made and the best value for money service ever. I would highly recommend him as he made the whole process very easy and clear. He was always available to answer our questions and he gave us good advice to wait until our after our wedding before applying. This meant we got our paperwork through very quickly (4.5 months from submitting) and without a hitch. I would not hesitate to use Pahl & Associates again in the future. “

Scott A – Family Class (Spouse) Visa – July 2017

“Having made the decision to move to Canada, we approached Balvinder Pahl to act as our representative throughout the Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry application.

His help and guidance proved invaluable in navigating a lengthy and complex process. We were guided every step of the way and Balvinder’s in-depth and up to date knowledge of the Canadian immigration system removed a lot of the stress that would no doubt have resulted had we tried to do this by ourselves.

Balvinder was professional, courteous and more than happy to patiently answer our many questions along the way, and we are extremely grateful for his help. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone considering embarking on a similar journey”

Florence T -federal Skilled Worker- Express Entry – June 2017

I spent many hours over several years grappling with the intricacies of the CIC website to prepare an application for Permanent Residency.   In the end, I gave up and decided to appoint Balvinder Pahl to make the application on my behalf.   It was an excellent decision.   Balvinder’s comprehensive knowledge and experience of the application process was enormously helpful to me.   Balvinder prepared my application, and guided my wife (my sponsor) and me throughout the process, keeping us fully informed of progress and putting our minds at rest.   We are very grateful to Balvinder for his dedicated work on our behalf, and gladly recommend Balvinder highly to those who are contemplating embarking on an application for Canadian Permanent Residency or Citizenship.

A.Gunn – Family Class Spouse Visa – April 2017

Dear Mr Pahl

We would like to thank you very much for your help in obtaining Permanent Residency for my husband.

We found it extremely difficult to find the necessary forms and information we needed for our move to Canada and looked for a representative to help us.  We were very glad that we came across your website and contacted you for your assistance to help us achieve our goal of moving to Canada.  Thankfully your expertise knew which process we should go through and our application was successful within a few weeks.  We would never have achieved that without your help and we were very grateful that you were able to take a great weight off our shoulders for our move.

Thank you once again for helping us with our successful application.

Terry – Permanent Residence TD -March 2017

“Mr Pahl was incredible from start to finish!  My Canadian partner and I, having taken time in our relationship to travel around the world, were worried about the difficulties in applying for a visa and the help we received was instrumental in allowing me to obtain my Canadian Permanent Residency.  Our confidence and trust in Mr Pahl also allowed what would normally be an incredibly stressful process to pass with ease and I have no doubt that it greatly decreased the time for me to receive residency status.”

Phillips L – Family Class – Common Law Visa – Feb 2017

In the spring of 2016, my husband and I decided to move to Canada, where I had been born, and so began the process of applying for a Canadian Permanent Residence visa for him. We did our best to complete the forms ourselves, but they proved to be too complicated and there was too much risk of completing them incorrectly.

So in the summer of 2016 we hired Balvinder Pahl to process my husband’s application.  He also completed the forms for our children’s Canadian citizenship applications.

From the very beginning of the process, Mr Pahl worked efficiently and promptly to collect all the paperwork we needed for the application.  He was always on hand for any questions we had, and answered them clearly and with the utmost courtesy at all times.

Our visa application was submitted at the beginning of October 2016, and although we were anticipating a long wait for it to be processed, we were delighted when we had confirmation that the application had been successful by mid-February 2017.

We were thrilled to be able to move to Canada very soon after that, and we are very sure that without Mr Pahl’s expertise we would have had great difficulty in submitting a successful application ourselves.

When we first began the process, we had some reluctance about paying ‘so much money for something we could do ourselves’, but now we feel that it was a very reasonable fee considering the work involved, and absolutely worth every penny to have the process run so smoothly, painlessly, and quickly.

We are very grateful to Mr Pahl for the excellent work he did on our behalf.

Williams H – Family Class Spouse Visa – Feb  2017

We are very grateful to Balvinder for the support he has given us in our journey to emigrating to Canada.  He provided us with detailed step by step support for each stage of the process and kept us up to date in a prompt manner.  We appreciate his flexibility in speaking and meeting with us and we don’t know how we would have got through the immigration mine field without him.  We would highly recommend his service to take the stress out of the process! Thank you very much Balvinder.

Jas & Preeti Sangha – Skilled Worker – Express Entry- Feb 2017

“Moving to Canada was a very busy time, our to do list was huge. Our decision to ask Balvinder to sort out our Visas was the best decision we made. He took all the stress and complication out of the process and took care of every little detail, and peace of mind was so important to us. He walked us through all the stages, his attention to detail was impeccable. We cannot thank him enough for making the move easier and would highly recommend him. Our move went without a hitch, and he is not only a first class lawyer, but a really supportive and lovely guy too.”

Joanna A.  – Family Class Visa – Jan 2017

“Mr Pahl has been truly fantastic in supporting us to obtain the family visa. His knowledge of Canadian immigration’s laws has allowed us to receive the visa in only 6 months and we have been assisted step by step in how to fill even the most tricky aspects of the forms. Mr Pahl has always been extremely helpful during and even after our visa arrived helping us with all the bureaucratic aspects, but also with some practical issues of the move itself. We would really like to thank him for the hard and dedicated work and we will be always very grateful for the results he has obtain in our behalf.”

S. Saetonne – Family Class Visa – Jan 2017

Our family will be eternally grateful to Mr Pahl for assisting us in navigating the minefield of relocating to Canada with the correct visa in the shortest time possible. Mr Pahl is professional, friendly but most importantly very knowledgeable in his field, catching and challenging errors from the High Commission that we would never have realised on our own.  If we had to do the process over again, we would choose to do it exactly the same with Mr Pahl guiding and advising us every step of the way. We can’t thank you enough!

Mr Pahl is undoubtedly a first class lawyer. I went to him to get spousal visa for Canada. Mr Pahl soon realised that I could still be a permanent resident of Canada. So he set about getting me a PR travel document, this means I can get to Canada. This meant that I didn’t need to get a visa,which would have taken a year!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Pahl for his efforts in getting me on the move!

Dave Butlin and Shirley Williams – Permanant Resident Travel Document -Nov 2016

“Balvinder was extremely helpful, efficient and quick to respond to queries and was invaluable in navigating us through our Family Class Visa Application. ”



NP Surrey – Family Class Visa Oct 2016

Dear Mr Pahl,

We would like to thank you so much for making our plans to move to Canada a reality and a real success. When my partner decided he wanted us to relocate to Canada, we thought we could do the application our selves, but after going through the various forms, we got stuck and realised it was more complicated than we thought.

We decided to search for a professional to take it up for us. Thankfully we found Pahl and Associates and when we met Mr Pahl in person for the first time, he was so encouraging and reassuring considering the complex immigration issues and other challenges we had to deal with. Mr Pahl made us feel at ease and actually breathed a fresh breath of hope into us and gave us the confidence to go ahead with the application.

Mr Pahl started our spousal application from there and got us involved and informed us every step of the way.

We could never have done it on our own without your expertise/professional advice and full intervention.

We are preparing to leave London for Canada to begin our new life there.

We are very grateful for what you have done for us.. You are a real champion and an expert in family/spousal visas to Canada.

We recommend you highly highly to anyone who is considering moving with their spouses or families to Canada.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Kevin & Veronica  – Spouse visa : September 2016

‘It gave my partner and I great peace of mind to know that we had someone so knowledgeable dealing with our visa application. Mr Pahl was extremely reliable and was available to answer all queries in a timely manner, making every stage of the application process clear and easy to understand. At no point did I feel like I was floundering in paper work or doing something I felt fruitless. I would recommend his services in a heartbeat if you are thinking of making the move to Canada. I cannot thank him enough for all his invaluable help and assistance.’

Kind Regards,

Jordan Blaxill  Family Class Visa July 2016

I found Balvinder Pahl through an internet search. He was very friendly and professional from our first meeting onwards. He was always available to answer questions and queries, even after the application process was successfully completed. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone thinking of moving to Canada.


John S June  Family Class Visa June 2016

We contacted Pahl and Associates to assist in the process of applying for a family class visa. It was the best thing we could have done as the process went extremely smoothly without us having to get bogged down in all the different paperwork. It took 5 months from the paperwork being completed and sent to the visa arriving. We are now in the process of selling our home and plan to be out in Vancouver by the end of the summer. Our thanks to Balvinder for all his support.

Theresa & David Longbone  Family Class Application May 2016

After searching through many family immigration lawyers we finally decided to contact Mr Pahl. His services were very useful and guided us through the whole process for me to gain a Family Class Spouse Visa. His information was always correct and was always there for us on the end of the phone or email to answer any queries that we had. I would recommend him and his professional services to anyone for such a competitive price. We cannot thank him enough.

James and Amanda Cluer   Family Class Application April 2016

Having discovered that I was eligible to apply to move to Canada under the Federal Skills Worker programme, I contacted Mr Pahl  to discuss my situation. From the outset, he was exceptionally skilled in the advice, knowledge and professionalism he provided- not to mention his good humour and patience! I had underestimated just how complex the process of applying would be and can safely say I would not have been able to do it without Mr Pahl. Not only did he help me navigate the minefield that is the Canada immigration system with clarity and certainty, he answered every question and query I had, no matter how trivial. Moreover, at stressful moments, he was able to make me laugh and relax, a skill which I don’t think is particularly common for immigration lawyers!

I have recently received my final documents and am preparing for the move to Vancouver, which is very exciting. I feel a huge amount of gratitude toward Mr Pahl for his expertise and assistance these last months and can confidently recommend the services of Pahl and Associates without reservation.

Lucy Beaumont, Federal Skilled Worker Feb 2016

I first contacted Mr. Pahl after spending a lot of time on my own attempting to fill out the numerous forms that make up the family class sponsorship.

Mr. Pahl reviewed my forms in detail and without this review, I would not have been granted my visa in the 8 months it took from start to finish.  He gave me valuable and detailed advice at the outset, turned around his review of my paperwork quickly and efficiently, and further in the process went above and beyond by continuing to offer advice, guidance and his valuable time when I had further questions.

It’s hard to find someone willing to give up their time for free, and Mr. Pahl had a genuine interest in helping me out with my application.  Mr. Pahl is an expert in his field, knows every part of the process in intricate detail and I could not recommend him highly enough.  Even if you have completed every form and consulted every forum/online resource, I would still highly recommend his services to review your application before submitting, it’s a small price to pay for potentially saving you months of re-work and resubmission.

Thank you Mr. Pahl for all your help and I will always be grateful that I found you!

Tariq P – Family Class (Spouse) Visa – January 2016

After carrying out an online search for immigration representation for myself and my Canadian wife Debra. We approached Mr Pahl.He handled our Canadian application for permanent residence successfully.

From the first consultations we had with Balvinder, to the last emails he guided and prompted us every step of the way in a very professional and friendly manner.

We have no hesitation in recommending Mr Pahl to other people in search of immigration advice.

Edward J Hudson & Debra Hudson – Family Class Spouse Visa Jan 2016

I have to say after viewing many web sites and phone calls for migrating to Canada I became more and more confused until I found Pahl and Associates.

Balvinder was most helpful and always honest with us ,from the very start everything was made absolutely clear on what we had to do to get my spouse visa .The whole process went completely smooth and we got my visa in a record time of three and a half months.

Well done Balvinder I would recommend your excellent service to everyone.

Roy and Wendy Bayfield – Family Class Spouse Visa – Jan 2016

After carrying out an online search for immigration matters, I approached Mr. Pahl. From the initial consultation I had with Mr. Pahl, I have no hesitation in referring him to others that require such guidance. He was thoroughly professional from day one and helped me through each step of the process into securing my PR for Canada. I can certainly say that looking into the process may seem confusing and tedious, but with the guidance and follow-ups from Mr. Pahl, the process felt like a walk in the park. Mr. Pahl always kept me in the loop whenever there was an update regarding my application. The rapport I had with Mr. Pahl also felt as though I had made a new friend and always willing to provide friendly advice whenever there was any concern. I now look forward to starting a new chapter in my life in Canada.

Thank you again Mr. Pahl.

Anish – Federal Skilled Worker –  October 2015

We engaged Pahl & Associates when our application for a family sponsored immigration began to get bogged down. Balvinder was helpful and always swift in his responses. He provided pragmatic and insightful advice that helped us navigate through the process and the various delays. His insight into what was wanted and where we were during various times proved extremely helpful and allowed us to see the positives (for example, his pragmatic advice on one occasion that “I know you have already done this, but save yourself some trouble and resend as asked, it will be easier and quicker in the long run and you should see it as a good thing that it is the only thing they are still asking for” helped us keep our perspective, and he was right).  I would happily recommend Balvinder to anyone going through the process.

Michael Sadler (Family Sponsored Category) September 2015

Pahl and Associates were a pleasure to hire on for our case, we have applied for family class sponsorship for my husband. Mr. Pahl was always honest and upfront about what he thought would happen. He responded in a quick an efficient manner to all our phone calls and emails. We were able to get our application filled out and sent off very quickly thanks to him and as a result we were reunited back as a family and able to start our new lives here in Canada sooner than expected!
Thank you so much for all of your help Pahl and Associates, don’t think we could have done it without you!

Many regards,

The Turner Horváth Family September 2015

When we first met, Mr Pahl made me aware of the obstacles to be overcome in applying for a skilled worker visa.  However, once the process began he smoothly guided me through the process and my application was successful in just three months.  He was easy to get hold of and provided practical advice.  Looking back at the amount of paperwork and the deadlines I would not have been able to do it without him.

M. Green – Federal Skilled Worker August 2015

Beginning an immigration process can be daunting – who can you trust with such a crucially important matter? And going through the process can be emotionally challenging – you need someone who will be there for you for the whole journey from compiling your application to arriving at a successful conclusion. We cannot recommend Balvinder Pahl highly enough. From start to finish (achieving Permanent Residence in Canada with a Family Class application) Balvinder was brilliant – professional, efficient but also incredibly warm, friendly and reliable. We are so grateful to Balvinder for guiding us every step of the way and for constantly being there not only with wise counsel but also with his humour and humanity. We feel very fortunate to have found him – but it wasn’t all due to chance – we initially found Balvinder because we wanted to work with an ICCRC registered consultant, that is a great safeguard. We can’t imagine that there is anyone better at what he does than Balvinder. Thank you Balvinder, you have become an important figure in our family and we will be forever thankful for your assistance.

Peter & Katie Conway, August 2015

I can confirm Pahl & Associates were efficient and prompt with dealing with my Immigration process. They guided me through the application form thoroughly, including time lines and answered the many questions I had. Without the help of Pahl & Associates, I have no doubt the whole process would have been more stressful. I can not recommend them enough.


Miranda Ruff – Spouse Family Visa – May 2015

Balwinder Pahl provided me with an efficient legal service. Through him my partner and I were able to plan effectively my migration to Canada with realistic timings. Mr Pahl kept open a clear line of communication through the entire process and was always willing to answer any questions or ease any possible anxieties. Visa2Canada provided us with a highly professional service which was reasonably priced, and I would highly recommend this service.

Ben K – Common Law Partner Visa- March 2015

Dear Mr Pahl,

We would like to thank you for all your work in helping Anthony move to Canada.

When we first decided that Canada was the best choice for us, we looked at all the paperwork and found it to be too overwhelming to do on our own, that’s when we knew we needed help.

It has been 8 months since we applied and Anthony has now received his permanent residency. He obtained his SIN number a couple days ago and hishealth

card and Ontario drivers license will be arriving shortly.

You have been so personable, knowledgable and professional and we can’t thank you enough.

Next time you visit Ottawa give us a call! .. I think we owe you a drink 🙂

The kindest Regards,

Stephanie P & Anthony M – Common Law Partner Visa – Jan 2015

Hello Balvinder,

Just wanted to let you know that we are now in Canada! We are heading over to the Island later today and are very excited about the move. We would like to once again thank you for everything you have done for us. Without your help we don’t think it would have gone as smoothly as it has done.

Kind Regards,

The Hadfields – Spouse Visa Nov 2014

Our experience with Pahl & Associates has been great. From the first meeting until the very end, Mr. Pahl has always made an effort to ensure that we had timely legal advice. He went the extra mile to help us out. Consequently, the entire immigration process was smooth and stress-free, from application to landing. Thank you for everything!

– Eric & Kavita Brignall – Spouse Visa Oct 2014

Dear Balvinder

We would like to thank you for all your hard work getting us to Canada.

When we first started looking into the process it was a pile of forms and applications that we could not make heads or tails of.  We had heard stories from friends that were still working through resubmitted documents over two years later. I feel that without your help we would still be working though the application not knowing what would come back from the High Commission or any idea of timeline.

We were very pleased with the speed of your service and knowledge on all aspects of our individual case. You answered all our questions and put my uncertainty at ease.

Overall the process was laid out in an easy comprehensive way and you broke down the process into easy steps for us to complete.

Once we got our act together and got all the required documents and physicals sorted we received our Permeant Residence visa in 6 months, much less time then the approximate time the High Commission estimates.

I have already recommended you to friends interested in going to Canada and would not hesitate recommending you to anyone else who would like to immigrate. Well worth the money spent.

Kind regards

Bronwyn and Tom – Spouse Visa – May 2014

“I am an Indian national living in Uk, I applied for PR in Canada under federal skill worker category, I was doing the application procedure on my own, as it is a lengthy procedure, got married in due course. I reached the final stage and was asked to submit my passport, then I realised that I did not declare my partner properly, if not done properly MY whole PR status could have been revoked. Then I contacted Mr. Pahl at visa2canada and his professional and dedicated service got my application back on track and finally me and my partner has been granted confirmation of PR, I thank him for his excellent service, highly recommended.”

Thanks and Regards

Akhil Magoo- Federal Skilled Worker April 2014

Dear Balvinder

We wanted to thank you very much for all the assistance over the last six month you have provided.  We found the forms lengthy and at times less than obvious with what was required – and also what wasn’t!  I am confident that had we not had your help then we would still be waiting for my Permanent Residence, no doubt with various pieces of correspondence to and from the High Commission with a list of things forgotten or incorrectly completed.  I was very pleased with the speed of communication from you in respect of the numerous questions we had, as well as the meeting via skype and the ongoing email updates.

For us, the process in its entirety took almost six months to the day and we are now excitedly planning our move/return to Canada with our family.

I would recommend your services, without hesitation, to anyone who is looking to relocate to Canada and thank you again for all your help.

Best wishes

Rupert and Marcie – Spouse Family Class Visa – March 2014

Dear Balvinder,

Thank you so very much for all your hard work and effort with our Canadian Immigration application. We cannot praise your work highly enough, and are extremely thankful that we found a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy immigration lawyer, like yourself.

To get our immigration confirmed inside 6 months, when the official timeframe is 10months, was very pleasing and no doubt due to your help.

We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to anyone who was looking for immigration services, especially involving Canada.

Once again, thanks for everything.

Mr Stuart O’Leary and Ms Kathryn Cooke – Spouse Visa – August 2013

We has previously been refused a skilled workers visa.  We spoke to a number of visa agencies and decided to use Balvinder’s services. He has been a pleasure to work with.  Everything has been completed in a calm and timely manner.  We have been very happy with his services and would definitely recommend him.

Michael & Robyn Hodes – Federal Skilled Worker Visa – Aug 2013

I would like to thank Balvinder Pahl for the most professional and efficient immigration services at visa2canada.

He guided me through a very complex application process in a calm and efficient manner and was always available to answer my questions on the phone or though email and provide direction and support. He made the entire process seamless. Even when I was away on holiday and there were long delays in the process he kept on top of everything reminding me what I needed to do.  I would not have got this visa without this guidance.

I am a software consultant at Barclays Capital and my visa application was for a permanent working visa so I can work and live in Canada

Mary Scannell – Federal Skilled Worker – July 2013


Just wanted to let you know I arrived in Vancouver 3 weeks ago.

I just got offered a job in Victoria to day and start next week

This is where I have always wanted to live

There are few job there so I am so pleased

Thank you again for not giving up on me.

I owe you a lot

Stephen Varey– Federal Skilled Worker – July 2013

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I received this email from the embassy this afternoon

I presume that this is what we have been waiting for

I have read it in detail, does this mean Lynn can travel too


You have made our year

Thanks again,

Grant and Lynn  – Work Permit

Dear Mr Pahl

Thank you so much for your help in my case.

Please find all of ours copy of visa sticker,landing paper and COPR for your reference.

I will come to meet you one of this days before I will go.

Once again thanks a lot for your help.

Kind Regards,

Sanjay Patel – Federal Skilled Worker

Hello Mr Pahl

Sorry I’ve been slow in letting you know how things have gone, the last week has been very busy.

Arrived in Canada 1st March (very appropriate – St.David’s day!), and the process through immigration in Halifax was fantastic, the whole thing including landing paperwork processed and luggage checked took no more than about 15-20 mins – had time for a beer and a Tim Hortons before my connecting flight to St.John’s.

Got my SIN and MCP sorted out last week, now starting the job hunting process.

Couldn’t get MCP processed for the kids as there’s nothing to show they’ve ‘landed’ in Canada as they came over as ‘visitors’, but they did say that they would accept the Citizenship Card when that comes through, so I’ll chase Halifax for that one.

Many thanks again for all your assistance – it really did make the process muchmore

straight forward and rapid. If you would ever like a testimonial from us for promotional use, we’d be happy to provide this.

Best regards

Jonathan, Lee-Ann, Jack & Olivia Harrhy – Spouse Visa

hello i got here fine i have sorted my SIN number and my driving license just need a job now and im done thanks fo every thing

Steven Davies – Spouse Visa

Dear Atty. Phal,

Thank you so much sir for informing me about the good news. Please include my documents which I submitted in your office when you will post my passport sir. Many Thanks and God bless.

Kind Regards,

Rick Ines – Live in Caregiver Work Permit

Dear Sir,

At long last, I’m in Canada already.. Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Marichu – Live in Caregiver Work Permit

And we all thank you…..I appreciate your time and effort through the years.  We’ll continue to recommend you now and into the future.

Best regards

Stephen Anderson – Family Class- Parents Visa

Hi Balvinder,

It was nice to see you again, and we thank you for all your help in obtaining our visas. Now the hardest part begins.

Thanks again

Peter – Federal Skilled Worker

Hi Balvinder

Thanks for your [wonderful] phonecall!

Unfortunately, I just can’t get out of my work commitments this Thursday so please could you kindly send me the letter/documentation instead of me picking it up from you as I’d have liked. (I’d really appreciate it if you could send it to me by recorded or special delivery to my normal address -below- for obvious reasons!).

I will then go to the High Commission on Thursday 13th March (which means I should get everything by April). I would love to pop in to see you on my way and thank you personally for all your time and expert assistance. I don’t know if you are around on this day at all?

Thanks once again for everything.

Kindest regards

James – Federal Skilled Worker

Hello Balvinder

just to confirm that our passports have been safely returned

once again thanks for your excellent service

best regards

Andrew Parkyn (AND)
Superintendent – Federal Skilled Worker

Hi Balvinder,

Thanks for trying to help but we have decided to leave the dog in kennels for a month in the uk until we can get organised in Vancouver.

We are flying out on the 26th April so it seems it would co-inside with your colleague leaving for the UK no worries.

Have you been in contact with any realtors for property downtown? If so can we have the details.

Thanks for all your help look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roy & Emma -Federal Skilled Worker


Passport arrived safely, thank you.

I will be in touch when I have decided with Keda when to land in Canada.

Once again, thank you for all you’ve done for me  –  I’ll buy you lunch in Vancouver!

Best Regards,

Terry Bromwich- Spouse Visa

Hello Balvinder,

I received my immigration visa for Canada today.  I am one of your happiest clients.  you have been excellent and very professional and helpful in every way.

Thanks again for your help in the last 1 year. Please

dont hesitate to ask me if you ever need my help.

Thanks again for your help and we owe you a box of mithai.  If you ever are in Toronto, please do stop by and let us thank you personally for doing so much for us.

Avneet Mangat – Federal Skilled Worker

Hi Balvinder – The summer has been amazing for the business thanks.  Hope all is well with you.  Many thanks for the advice I will look into it.  Once again appreciate all your help and will certainly recommend your service to anyone looking to emigrate.
Kind regards

Sue Barrett- Federal Skilled Worker