Application Checking Service

Reduce the risk of refusal or of your applications being returned!


If wish to prepare your own immigration applications without our representation, we are happy to provide an Application Checking service to help reduce the risk of refusal or of your applications being returned.

Consider the following statistics:


•At the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) Sydney 25% of applications are returned to applicants because they are incomplete and have to be resubmited (to the back of the queue)

•Once processed at CIO Sydney around 28% of applications are rejected. In many cases the applications would have been approved if they had been better prepared.

•At the London visa office the application refusal rate averages around 30%. Again many of these refusals could have been avoided if the applications were better prepared

•Refusal by a visa office almost always results in the loss of the applicant's processing fees.


Having your applications checked by an expert prior to submission usually eliminates unnecessary mistakes and omissions and helps to identify more serious issues or possible refusal. Normally if your application is rejected you will forfeit your CIC processing fees so if your application is not likely to be accepted (i.e. if you don’t meet the basic criteria for the Class you are applying under) it's much better to know in advance.

If you have made an omission, however minor, this will normally result in your application being returned which effectively means you have wasted several months or even years and have to resubmit your application "to the back of the queue".


Omissions and minor errors are common because it isn’t always easy to understand what the questions on the application forms mean.


What this service includes:


•Your completed application will be reviewed and scrutinized by Mr. Pahl a ICCRC  Certified Member Immigration Consultant.

•We will list any items than need to be corrected and send you detailed instructions on what changes or additions you should make to both your application forms and supporting documents.

•Where necessary we will provide a further review of the corrected application before you submit it to the relevant visa office.


What this service does NOT include:


•We will not make changes to your application forms or supporting documents or prepare any of your application - we will only review what you have prepared and advise you on what needs to be corrected.


•We will not become your Appointed Representatives or deal with the Canadian authorities on your behalf.


•We will not review a partly-completed application. We expect you to provide us with a fully-completed application bundle that would be ready to send to a visa office.




Any questions about this service?


Contact us on 0345 055 9861or directly via our contact form.




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