Personal Consultation

Before commencing any immigration application or appeal for you, we recommend an initial assessment. The initial assessment is undertaken primarily by way of a personal consultation; however a Telephone/Skpe consultation is also possible providing the necessary arrangement has been made by contacting our office. 


Our professional fee for a personal consultation is £125.

The consultation service we provide is based upon specialist knowledge of the immigration rules and procedures, which we use to assist our clients through simple and complex cases. If you need help with your Canadian immigration matters, we look forward to advising you on the options available to you under all categories of the immigration laws and giving you an honest and complete assessment on the merits and weaknesses of your case. 

A consultation with Pahl and Associates will allow us to check eligibility and legal merits based on information provided by the prospective client relating to the case. We will confirm whether a person should be eligible based on information provided by the individual bearing in mind the current law relevant to proposed visa application or immigration appeal. 

Once we have carried out an initial assessment, we will advise you on the chances of your success. You can then make an informed decision whether or not to instruct us to proceed with the application or service. We will not advise you to proceed with an application or appeal unless we believe you will have a reasonable chance of being successful.

The following are typical scenarios, for which a personal consultation is recommended.


1. Complicated Cases

Every person's circumstances are different. It is crucial that in complicated cases where it is not clear whether or not you may qualify, we complete a more detailed assessment of your circumstances.  A personal consultation will provide you with correct advice and allow you to consider your options  before proceeding with a full immigration application service.


2. Clients that are not sure 

If you think you may qualify and wish to proceed with a full immigration application service but you are not completely sure, you may prefer to have a personal consultation before committing to a more detailed and lengthy process.




Any questions about this service?

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