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The Canadian visa application process for permanent residence may appear to be simple and straightforward. However, a few are ever prepared to navigate the process alone. Retaining licensed and competent professional representation can make a difference. 

Our approach

The immigration policies, rules and procedures change frequently. Failure to properly evaluate an applicant's eligibility and/or failure to complete all the necessary forms accurately and to provide all the necessary supporting documentation and information can result in delays and potential rejection of an application. 


After the initial assessment, Pahl & Associates advise you of your chances for success in a frank and straightforward manner. If you do not wish to continue, you are under no obligation to do so. If we tell you that your application would most likely be rejected by Immigration Canada, you have just saved the additional cost of applying to the Canadian Embassy. 


On the other hand, if we advise that your application is likely to be accepted by Immigration Canada, then you have the option of retaining our services. We appreciate that at this stage you are also free to apply without our help, however as immigration may be the most important decision of your life, retaining Pahl & Associates may increase your chances for success. 

Process in retaining the services of Pahl & Associates 

Review your immigration eligibilty

We interview you to confrm you meet the strict medical and criminal inadmissabilty  Canadian immigration requirements

Check if you qualify under latest Canadian immigration regulations

We confirm that you meet all the current legislation requirements and confirm government fees relevant to your specific visa application

Legal Advice & Representation

We professionally prepare your application and advise in relation to essential supporting documentation prior to submission to the Canadian immigration authorities

Our Fees

Every person is unique, and every set of circumstances varies.


We charge fairly based on the individual facts, the urgency and complexity of each situation, and the anticipated time and skill required to achieve your goals. 

We structure fees in advance in a flexible manner. Instead of burdening our clients with "the-clock-is-always-running" notion, our fees are based on full-service fixed-fees payable in instalments.


We want you to be absolutely certain in advance of the actual costs involved, with the assurance of all the personal attention you need for your individual case.


Our services will save you considerable time and effort, ensure the accuracy of your application, and maximize your chances of success.

Any questions about our services? Contact us on via Email or Call on 0345 055 9861   

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