New Immigration Process Express Entry for Skilled Workers

  • Government of Canada, provinces and territories (P/Ts) and Employers will have a direct role in economic immigration
  • New and improved Job Bank will connect Canadian employers with a comprehensive pool of candidates if they can't find Canadians or permanent residents to do the job
  • Express Entry candidates with a valid job offer or P/T nomination will quickly be invited to apply for permanent residence
  • CIC will be able to select candidates that are most likely to succeed in Canada, rather than the first in line
  • Express Entry candidates will benefit from processing times of six months or less


Step 1: Express Entry profile


  • Potential candidates will submit an online Express Entry profile.
  • They will be assessed according to a skills based ranking system that looks at:
    • Language proficiency
    • Education
    • Canadian work experience
    • Other factors that lead to success in Canada
  • At this stage, skills will be self-declared based on appropriate test results.
  • Candidates who meet the criteria of one of the federal economic immigration programs subject to Express Entry will be placed in the Express Entry pool.
  • Candidates will need to promote themselves:
    • Registration with Job Bank will be required
    • They will be encouraged to signal their presence in the Express Entry pool to recruiters, on private sector job boards  etc.

Step 2: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

When an employer offers a job to a candidate:

  • They will quickly be offered an ITA for permanent residence (PR);
  • Express Entry candidates will benefit from processing times of six months or less.
  • Candidates with an ITA will have 90 days to apply for permanent residence through one of four existing economic immigration programs:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
    • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Applicants will need to meet the criteria set out in the immigration program which applies to them

Provinces and Territories = Key Partners

  1. Provincial and territorial (P/T) nominations will continue and grow under the new system.
  2. P/Ts will be able to nominate candidates who meet their unique regional labour market needs.
  3. When an Express Entry candidate is identified through a PNP, they can be handpicked and quickly invited to apply for permanent residence.
  4. CIC will process applications in six months or less.


The changes to economic immigration will benefit employers by:

  • Making it easier to find the candidates they need to fill available positions
  • Linking LMIA and Job Bank will simplify employer's LMIA advertising requirements
  • Allowing for greater flexibility
  • Eliminating backlogs and introducing 6-month processing times

Express Entry 2015  An innovative method to select skilled workers.



The Express Entry system will favour those:

  • who are already in Canada as foreign workers,
  • who have a confirmed job offer with a Canadian employer, or
  • who have been selected by a provincial nomination program.

Unless a person is already working in Canada or has confirmed employment, entry into Canada will be difficult to predict as the candidate is in a pool of eligible candidates and is in competition with others.


Under the Express Entry system, if a candidate has a confirmed job offer, he or she will attain an additional 600 bonus points which should ensure permanent residence.


The Express Entry system is a two-step process:

  1. The candidate interested in immigration must first complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) with proven language ability and proof of Canadian educational equivalency.  Based on age, education, language skills and work experience, the person can then enter the Express Entry pool.  Entry into the pool does not guarantee permanent residence but is the first step in a comparison with others who are in the pool.  A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) will be used to calculate and compare candidates’ overall points.  The maximum points obtainable are 1200, based on​
  2. Age (maximum 110)
  3. Education (maximum 150)
  4. Language (maximum 160)
  5. Canadian work experience (maximum 80)
  6. Transferable skills (maximum 100)
  7. Confirmed job (maximum 600)


  1. Application process for permanent residency. Candidates with the greatest points based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) will then be given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.  The candidate must apply, with all relevant documents, within 90 days for permanent residence.  If the candidate does not apply upon being accepted, the person will not be able to enter the pool again. Unselected candidates will remain in the pool for up to one year and, if not selected, the person will automatically drop out and must re-apply again.


The purpose behind Express Entry is to ensure faster and more efficient processing (within 6 months) and to match more closely the needs of the Canadian labour market with immigrants who will be successful in transitioning immediately into new jobs.



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