Points to consider when choosing a Legal Representative

Finding a qualified legal representative for a Canadian immigration case in the U.K. or any part of the world is often a challenging task. The first issue that potential clients should consider is whether their proposed legal representative is lawfully permitted to represent them. 


According to the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations ("IRPR") only a lawyer who is admitted to practice law in one of the Canadian provinces or an immigration consultant who is a member of ICCRC may represent a client in a Canadian immigration matter.


Canadian-licensed lawyers are clearly authorised to represent clients in Canadian immigration matters. Uncertified immigration consultants who are not members of ICCRC act in violation of both federal and provincial laws.


Please Note: Lawyers or Immigration Consultants licensed in other countries (such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, etc.) are considered uncertified immigration consultants and may not act as legal representatives in Canadian immigration cases.


For the reasons stated above, potential clients should retain a Canadian-licensed lawyer or ICCRC registered immigration consultantfor their Canadian immigration case whenever possible. 


They only way that a U.K. licensed lawyer or consultant will be permitted to act as an authorised representative in a Canadian immigration matter is if he or she is also a member of a provincial law society or a member of ICCRC. 


Under no circumstances should an uncertified immigration consultant be hired for a Canadian immigration case. These uncertified consultants act in violation of both Canadian federal law and provincial law. Anyone who retains an uncertified immigration consultant does so at his or her own risk. In particular beware of U.K. based agents falsely claiming to be qualified in Canadian immigration law and offering dubious advice and services. We often have to deal with the consequences of their incompetent actions and inflated promises.


Canadian Government advice when appointing an Immigration Consultant


  • Ask for recommendations from people you trust. Talk to several potential advisers before choosing one.
  • Ask about their training and experience:
    • find out if they are authorized
    • ask for references
    • find out how long they have been in business.
  • Discuss what services they will provide and the fee. Get this information in writing.
  • Ask questions. You should be wary of a consultant who refuses to answer your questions.
  • Be careful of anything that sounds too good to be true
  • Make sure you get a written contract—read it carefully before you sign it. Make sure that all the promised services are listed and the fee is clearly set out.
  • Do not leave original documents or photos with the consultant.
  • Do not sign blank application forms. If the consultant has forms or documents for you to sign, do not sign them unless you are able to read them. If you don’t understand them, bring someone with you to translate. Make sure to get copies of any documents that are prepared for you.
  • Any time you make a payment, get a signed receipt.
  • If you appoint a representative who is not a member of one of the designated bodies, your application will be returned.


Remember—you are responsible for all the information in your application. It is against the law to give false or misleading information to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

  • If the information on your application is false or misleading, this is against the law and you may be refused entry to Canada or be deported from Canada after you arrive.
  • Immigration consultants who tell you to provide false or misleading information are also breaking the law.




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