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Pahl & Associates will work with you to develop a practical immigration strategy with legal merits. We can reduce or overcome your immigration obstacles, and ultimately help you realise your immigration dreams by opening doors to new beginnings in Canada. 

Who we are

Pahl & Associates is a Canadian immigration law consultancy which is based in London United Kingdom.

We are professional members registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, which is a professional body approved by the Canadian government. We are permitted to deal directly with clients and offer Canadian immigration legal advice and representation.


Legal Team

What makes us different

We are located in London in order to assist clients who are primarily based in the UK. Most value meeting an adviser face to face before making a decision on whether to proceed, and find it helpful to engage the services of a UK based legal representative during the period their application is being processed. 


About the firm

What we offer

We will prepare your Canadian immigration applications, follow-up on queries and conduct business in a professional manner. It is our aim to deal honestly, fairly and above all, with integrity and confidentiality in all our business dealings. 


In the event that you are interested in reviewing your Canadian immigration options. Please contact our office at your earliest opportunity via phone or email to arrange a mutually convenient personal consultation appointment. 



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Do your due diligence to avoid being scammed!



At Pahl & Associates we receive regular complaints from individuals who have been scammed by companies based in the UK. Most of these companies  are not qualified or experienced to represent clients in relation to Canadian immigration matters, whilst some companies and individuals charge exhorbitant fees for non existent jobs.


Prior to instructing any company please do a google search with the company name and add scam or fraud to your search to discover experiences of other people. In addition check if the company is registered with relevant regulatory  body. MORE INFO CLICK HERE


If you have been a victim of a scam or fraud contact ICCRC by clicking ALERT logo at bottom left of website or contact the relevant legal body CLICK HERE

Any questions about our services?


Contact us on 020 3086 7388 or by email using our contact form.